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Arc ~大人になりたくないコドモ達~'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Arc ~大人になりたくないコドモ達~


Please post all such things as mp3, video, and other audio friends only.

- Arc's Official Web Site
- Arc's Under-code profile
- Under-Code Production
- Under-Code @ LJ

Features the band, made in PS and notepad by Misemono.
Picture from official site.

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Arc's video comment! [16:05-26th-Aug-2009]

 Arc will send a video message to musicJAPANplus readers for their first time! We made our way backstage to have a little chat♪
It was right before their live performance, but they had more than a few things to talk about!

We asked them to discuss the following imaginary scenario: ‘You couldn’t finish the homework for the summer holidays. What would be the perfect excuse?’ Look and see what the Arc members came up with!
The band members were all smiling and laughing throughout the whole video. The banter between the members will surely make you laugh too.
Watch the video to see what makes Arc such an interesting band!

It’s chock-full of good things about Arc☆
This is definitely worth taking a look! Enjoy!


Ame Namida Aiiro PV [22:09-24th-Jun-2008]

As I said I would (when I knew how) I ripped the PV from the type A version of Departure of one's lot.

I honestly don't know if this works yet or not. But I hope it does tell me if it doesn't. this was my first attempt at this sort of thing >__>


Here is the crunchyroll link for those who cant seem to get it working from the link at all~
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~Saving~ [17:40-30th-Jul-2007]

Just thought I wouldn't let it die completely ^.^ SO I bring you....

The latest single -> Ame Namida Ai Iro 
and the B-side (Thanks kanashimi_blue for the name XD!) -> oni okorobi
Woop and PV too!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGbwSZB4De8
and some fan art!!
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I was wondering what the picture on their current profile is meant to be >o<;;
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Profiles [16:22-28th-Dec-2006]

[ mood | curious ]

Hello everyone, i saw than the commu, is dying u.u, but i need a favor ^^U, are anyone had the profiles or the biography of the band??? it would be nice to have it, and know more of the band ^^, or any fansite is fine as well ^^

thanks in advance ^^

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Next releases [13:51-1st-Jul-2006]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Here are the dates and tracklists for their next releases ^^

On the 2006/11/01, Arc will be releasing the maxi-single 「落書き教科書」 (Rakugaki Kyoukasho // Scrawl text book).
There will be two types. (3000 copies limited)
Type A (1.995 yens):
01 - 落書き教科書 (Rakugaki Kyoukasho)
02 - 恋2カクテルの色 (Koi 2 COCKTAIL no Iro)
+ PV for 「落書き教科書」 (Rakugaki Kyoukasho)
Type B (1.680 yens):
01 - 落書き教科書 (Rakugaki Kyoukasho)
02 - 恋2カクテルの色 (Koi 2 COCKTAIL no Iro)
+ Bonus Track 「ラジカセ」 (RAJIKASE)

On the 2006/12/06, Arc will be releasing 「懐メロミックス」 (Futokoro MELOMIX // Bosom melody mix).
2.625 yens, 6 tracks, a "best of" album (3000 copies limited).
01 - 遊街道 (Yuukaidou) from the 魅成年乃主張 (Miseinen no Shuchou) single
02 - 愛来たる日 (Ai Kitaru Hi) from the 魅成年乃主張 (Miseinen no Shuchou) single
03 - 激しさと哀しさの故に・・・ (Hageshisa to Kanashisa no Yue ni・・・) from the 魅成年乃主張 (Miseinen no Shuchou) single
04 - 一人ぼっちの二人部屋 (Hitoribocchi no Futari Heya) which was distributed at their 2006/05/05 Oneman
05 - 13歳人形 (13 Sai Ningyou) from the omnibus U-20 Vol. 2
06 - XXXXX (Unknown and unpublished song)

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Scan [13:33-1st-Jul-2006]

[ mood | satisfied ]

I just scanned a page from the Cure vol. 32 where Arc appears. If you want the scan in better quality, feel free to ask!

☆ Click~


News [12:23-1st-Jul-2006]

[ mood | loved ]

Hi and welcome to コドモ達, the 「Arc」 lj community ♪

On the 2006/06/27, at their Oneman, Arc did some important announcements.
1.From the 1st of July 2006, Arc will be part of the famous UNDER CODE PRODUCTION label.
2.In October, Arc will do two consecutive days of concert. In November there will be a Oneman.
3.In November, a single will be released and in December, an album will be released.


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